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Update 2.3.4
Dragons Spine Posted by dw.sea on Thursday, December 29, 2016 (01:46:32) (249 reads)

-Lifeleech now grants health to HitsMax vice HitsFull (includes doctored hps).
-Summon Phantasm entities now cast spells.
-Summon Snake no longer creates Ghodsnakes that were capable of one-shot killing opponents.
-Non-animal AI will no longer contintiously drop and pick up weapons.
-Animals will no longer pick up weapons.
-Transmute spell is available to thieves at trainers. Currently only gold is transmuted, with plans for other elements based on magic skill level.
-Pet AI will now detect disguised thieves as enemies if the thieves are targetting the pet's owner.
-Scribed scrolls should now retain description and spell information upon world exit by a player.

-Innkadi ZPlane spawn intensity has been generally lessened.
-Fix for MerchantShowItem in Merchant.cs

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Server Version 2.1.52
Posted by Ebony..rose on Thursday, September 24, 2015 (01:25:26) (518 reads)

 • Added acid protection, resistance and immunity variables.
 • Added Protection from Acid spell for sorcerers.
 • Rockworms, statues and bulettes are now immune to acid attacks.
 • The Speed spell may now be cast on others.
 • Added "look at all (item)" command.
 • Pets will now move through teleports.
 • Ownership of pets can now be transferred to other players using "(pet name), obey (player)"

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Server Version 2.1.50
Dragons Spine Posted by Ebony..rose on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 (17:13:56) (469 reads)

The game server has received some much needed code updates.

 • Fixed Locust Swarm and Poison Cloud spells.
 • Updated Double Attack and Dual Wield talents.
 • Lowered stamina cost for most combat talents.
 • Added Martial Artist activated talent Flying Fury.
 • Improved grouped NPC AI.
 • Increased spawn rates.
 • Corrected segues in the Underkingdom.

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Server Update 4-9-14
Dragons Spine Posted by dw.sea on Friday, April 11, 2014 (00:59:46) (1460 reads)

 • Removed lastBashRound variable from Character.cs.
 • Added passive Riposte talent for fighters and thieves.
 • Added passive Dual Wield talent for all professions except sorcerer & wizard.
 • Added activated Backstab talent for thieves.
 • Tweaked attributes of Steal and Peek talents.
 • More detail added to block messages.
 • Added eItemBaseType.Whip.
 • Fixed "(merchant), buy n (item)" command.
 • Fixed null reference in DumpCommand.cs.
 • Rockworms added to some areas of Rift Glacier.

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A call for testing
Dragons Spine Posted by Ebony..rose on Wednesday, April 17, 2013 (01:01:42) (448 reads)

For the past two weeks I've been smashing a lot of bugs, cleaning up quite a bit of code and even adding/streamlining some features. If you have some free time please check out the Announcement section of the forum and read through the list of updates. I do my best to test changes before submitting them to SVN but there could be some issues that sneak through. Thanks for the help and happy hunting! -Eb

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Change set 130/131 Live
Dragons Spine Posted by dw.sea on Saturday, June 02, 2012 (04:22:22) (2169 reads)

Change set 130/131 is now live.

+ Added leaderboards to the main menu [Mortifera]
-- Display of leader board returns a little slow as it builds the list of players.

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Old Game Server Online
Dragons Spine Posted by dw.sea on Saturday, April 14, 2012 (01:46:36) (1475 reads)

I have enabled the old version of the game server.

telnet www.dragonsspine.com 3000

All old game accounts are active within the game.

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Construction begins again
Dragons Spine Posted by dw.sea on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 (03:42:45) (1809 reads)

Construction started on a new web site. (All users will need to re-register - Fixed the email issue)

Code has resumed on Dragons Spine.

Game Server is online.

- dw.sea

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