Update 2.3.4
Thursday, December 29, 2016 (01:46:32)

Posted by dw.sea

-Lifeleech now grants health to HitsMax vice HitsFull (includes doctored hps).
-Summon Phantasm entities now cast spells.
-Summon Snake no longer creates Ghodsnakes that were capable of one-shot killing opponents.
-Non-animal AI will no longer contintiously drop and pick up weapons.
-Animals will no longer pick up weapons.
-Transmute spell is available to thieves at trainers. Currently only gold is transmuted, with plans for other elements based on magic skill level.
-Pet AI will now detect disguised thieves as enemies if the thieves are targetting the pet's owner.
-Scribed scrolls should now retain description and spell information upon world exit by a player.

-Innkadi ZPlane spawn intensity has been generally lessened.
-Fix for MerchantShowItem in Merchant.cs

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